【KOBE】Acoya, 真珠の世界POP-UP OPEN 2024年2月23日(金) -3月3日(日)

【KOBE】Acoya, 真珠の世界POP-UP OPEN 2024年2月23日(金) -3月3日(日)

AcoyaポップアップショップがFEELSEEN KOBEにオープンします。



Acoya in KOBE at FEEL SEEN
Acoya’s Pop-Up exhibition will be held at FEELSEEN KOBE. Kobe, known as the pearl city, held significant
importances in the pearl trade since the 1920s. The port of Kobe served as Japan,gateway, attracting foreign pearl dealers. Gradually, Kobe became an international hub for cultured pearls, replacing Bombay, which had flourished during the era of natural pearls. In honour to this rich history, Acoya presents the new chapter of the next era of pearls.
Acoya, an Akoya pearl brand hailing from Nagasaki, Kyushu, crafts pearl jewellery and other items with a 1300-year-old Akoya legacy. The pearl is a metaphor for the beauty of the sea and life, the beautiful individuality of innocent pearls, which are unprocessed in any way as they are taken directly from the sea. It is brought to life with the beautiful coexistence of humans and nature. Acoya aims to protect the culture, traditions, and natural environment
associated with the sea.